Composing for the Carillon, 2009 Edition

by John Gouwens

An extensive demonstration filmed at the carillon, outlining the technical and musical considerations involved in writing for the instrument. This file may be viewed and downloaded freely, provided as a service from The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America.

Here is the printed material for the abovementioned video. Please print this before viewing the video. Click here to download it.

The video file is complete, but in order to bring you the audio and video quality needed, it is a BIG file. You may view it as a "stream" or you may download the file for later reference. As long as the file is kept intact, it may be freely shared with others. If you are on a PC system, I highly recommend using something like Mozilla Firefox (a free download, big improvement on Internet Explorer) as a means to view this presentation.

Here's where you need to go to download or to view the presentation:

If you wish to save the file, to your hard drive (warning, it's about 250 MB) on a PC system, you should right-click on the above link.

- John Gouwens




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